EVENTS 2015 – 2016 – 30.7.15 revision

From the frequency with which I post blogs you might think I don’t care. The truth is that I don’t want to bang on about my own fictitious glory or trumpet my frequently idiotic opinions. On the other hand you may be interested in a vague way in what I am doing on the lecturing front. So here is a list of forthcoming engagements as at 30 July 2015.

14 October 2015 – Stockport Walking and Outdoor Group –  I shall be delivering my lecture: HOW TO SELL THE EIFFEL TOWER. The relevance of this topic to the audience completely escapes me, but I hope to be entertaining and knowledgeable, and will settle for not being booed.

7 December 2015 – The Bowden Lecture Society – The topic of my lecture is THE PURSUIT OF THE HOLY GRAIL OF WRITING: a tour of the business of a professional novelist drawn from my own less than glorious career. I haven’t yet written this lecture. I need to clean the fridge.

14 December 2015 – U3A Marple – I am asked to lecture on FRAUDS, CHARLATANS & FOOLS. This is always a tricky subject because, in the nature of thjings, there is a risk that someone inthe audience will hold dearly a notion that I consider to be absolute bollocks. Fortunately this is not a cruise gig, where the cosnequence can be that one is never invited back.

9 February 2016 – The Everyman Club Grimsby – Intriguingly the subject of this lecture hasn’t yet been decided. I hope to know what it is before I step on the podium.

26 February 2016 – I’m delivering a lecture in Chester. I wonder who to? The subject is GREAT FORGERS.

12 April 2016 – Bedwyn History Society – I shall be lecturing on the subject of THE LIFE AND TIMES OF CASANOVA.