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Jim Williams Books – Crime Fiction Novels, Historical Romance & Science Fantasy plus two Non-Fiction Books

Jim Williams Books is the website of Jim Williams, the Booker Prize nominated author whose works include Crime Fiction (Thrillers & Murder Mystery), Historical Romance, Science Fantasy and a guide to writing autobiography; he is a popular Speaker on cruises and he gives lectures to Readers’ GroupsU3A – University of the Third Age meetings and Literary and Philosophical Societies – and he is (just possibly) a Charlatan. He wrote Lara’s Child, the sequel to Nobel Prize in Literature winning Boris Pasternak’s Dr Zhivago.

Jim Williams‘ summary of his site:

  • Books  I’ve been a published author of both fiction and non-fiction for more than thirty years. If you’d like to see a list of my books and know more about them then follow the Books link above
  • About  It’s compulsory for authors to write something about themselves. I’ve overcome my embarrassment and written a short biography which you can see here.
  • Autobiography  a free course based on A message to the children: a guide to writing your autobiography
  • Blog  Somewhere I write about my books and writing and sound off.
  • Speaker  Do you need a speaker for a particular occasion? If you follow the link it will tell you the subjects on which I may be able to help.
  • Writing whodunnits Some notes on writing whodunnits
  • Contact Me If you want to get in touch directly.
  • Messages If you want to leave a permanent message.
  • Background  Readers often want to know the background to a book: how it came to be written and what its meaning is as the author conceived it. By linking to a particular book, you’ll find further links to background material where I’ve provided it.

Jim Williams latest Crime Fiction Novel – “American Values” – Amazon UK  Amazon.com