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  1. Jim,

    Don’t know if you remember me, but we interacted on Authonomy a while back. I loved and commented extensively on Tango in Madeira. Your book Scherzo just came across my BookBub feed, so I’ve downloaded it to my Kindle and am looking forward to reading it. Ann

    • Dear Jim

      Would you be willing to come up to Keswick to deliver one of your talks in our 2015/2016 season? We have ‘Great Forgers’ in mind.

      Please can you email me and I can send you full details/dates etc.

      Thanks. Bob Barnby

  2. Whilst agreeing with everything you said about the band and event I’d just like to point out that you spelt Rhyl wrong, which is pretty bad going for an author – and a half Welshman!

  3. I am wondering if you’re writing a new book! I read them all and then re-read Recherche AND Strange Death 🙂 I hope something new is in the works.

    • Hi Wayne,

      It’s kind of you to leave a message. I am working on a new book, which is a form of sequel to something I wrote some 5 years ago: THE ENGLISH LADY MURDERERS’ SOCIETY. With luck I shall complete it next year.

      Best wishes


  4. Dear Jim,

    How delightful to meet you at the Gig on Thursday night. What an enjoyable evening. I am sorry we didnt have more time to chat. From your web site and blogs you have had an amazing life and have obviously had much fun crafting your stories. I am looking forward to the Madiera book, My wife and I went to Reids around 18 years ago with a one year old in tow and when Black Tie was the norm for the formal meals. It would have been better without the one year old as the staff gave the impression they had never seen a baby before. The screaming fit over breakfast (the baby that was) did not endear us to fellow guests either. The gardens were stunning and brandy sours on the terrace as the sun went down will be a lasting memory. Oh to be an investment banker again!

    Thank you for your very kind gift of two of your books. My wife was very pleased to receive unmerited kindness.

    I liked your Christening blog – why do some vicars at services think they have to act like air stewardesses … it rather spoils the transcendence?

    with very best regards and thank you agian,


    • Dear Roger,

      It was a real pleasure to meet you at the Club and I hope we are going to run into each other again. Shirley and I are booked for the next Stevie concert (and others) and hope to see you – this time with Catherine. An ivestment banker turned vicar? Shades of a publican turned Apostle – Matthew, was it?

      Best wishes


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