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MEET two unusual detectives. Ludovico – a young man who has had his testicles cut off for the sake of opera. And Monsieur Arouet – a fraudster, or just possibly the philosopher Voltaire.

VISIT the setting. Carnival time in mid-18th century Venice, a city of winter mists, and the season of masquerade and decadence.

ENCOUNTER a Venetian underworld of pimps, harlots, gamblers, forgers and charlatans.

BEWARE of a mysterious coterie of aristocrats, Jesuits, Freemasons and magicians.

DISCOVER a murder: that of the nobleman, Sgr Alessandro Molin, found swinging from a bridge with his innards hanging out and a message in code from his killer.

Scherzo is a murder mystery of sparkling vivacity and an historical novel of stunning originality told with a wit and style highly praised by critics and nominated for the Booker Prize.

Scherzo was nominated for the Booker Prize and is available in Kindle format for the first time.

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1 thought on “Scherzo

  1. 18th Century Venice is the setting for this sparkling and utterly charming novel, which twists and turns with the ease of a gondola. The narration is shared by several voices, each contributing to the devilishly clever plot and deceitful finale. This is grand opera.

    Frances Fyfield in The Mail on Sunday.

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