The Wit and Wisdom Of the Williams Boys – after the Lymm Festival

On Thursday last the Williams Boys, alias me and my friend Alan, put on our long-anticipated gig at the Lymm Festival.  It was a mix of music from Alan and readings from me, and the general theme was the writing of autobiography, something I’ve encouraged others to do as I’ve also done  in my book A Message to the Children.

The event was a sell-out, and, as far as I can judge from the applause, the laughter and the comments, it was greatly appreciated by an audience that wasn’t sure what to expect.  That said, I don’t want to exaggerate our success (it’s not good for me – I get too full of myself).  Festival audiences are good-natured and forgiving.

My particular good fortune has been in my collaborator.  Alan Williams is an accomplished musician with a witty and engaging cabaret manner, and he writes hilarious lyrics.  But he is also generous to work with: happy to give space to others and help them show their talents to the best advantage.  So this blog is partly a record of my gratitude.

We are doing a shorter version of this event on Thursday 19 July at the Buxton Fringe Festival at the Source venue:  see

The Williams Boys