The Wit and Wisdom Of the Williams Boys

I’ve written before about the couple of planned gigs by Alan Williams and me at the Lymm and Buxton Festivals in July. He will deliver his songs and I shall read my verse and prose. We hope for international stardom, but expect to look like a pair of amiable old buffers before an audience of family and friends who love them. The second outcome is probably preferable.

The update is that Alan and I met with resepctive spouses on Good Friday and talked the matter over, and it really does look as though it will happen.

Gawd help us all.

2 thoughts on “The Wit and Wisdom Of the Williams Boys

  1. I rarely leave France these days but that’s certainly a temptation.

    • Like many of my friends you are too kind to me. I’ve just lost my former publisher and friend, Nick Webb, and am feeling bereft. Shirley and I don’t regret the risk we took in loving him. Love is worth the heartache.

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