Robert T Carroll – skeptic – 1945-2016

I learned today of the death of Robert T Carroll, author of the The Skeptics Dictionary book and website. He fell silent in August 2016 and I suspected the worst but for some reason (hope?) did not check. He had been suffering from pancreatic cancer, which only rarely has a good prognosis.

I discovered Bob Carroll in about 2004 and corresponded with him on a handful of occasions on specific issues of scepticism. I make no claim to have known him in any real sense beyond the intelligent, thoughtful, diligent, waspish persona he presented in his work. However, I owe him a great debt of gratitude in lending a measure of knowledge and discipline to my own sceptical thinking. He was an on-going teacher and for that reason I shall feel the absence of things I might have learned but now shall not.

The book and the website still exist. I unhesitatingly recommend them.
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