As we grow older my wife and I are more interested in new experiences than in simply owning more “stuff”.  Our commitment to live art has grown as we find ourselves with more leisure and the means to search out opportunities.  Ballet, theatre, art galleries, art cinema – it’s all nuts to us, provided that the sensations are authentic and intense.


Ten years ago we had little interest in live music except as an adjunct to dancing.  Then we found the marvellous Cinnamon Club in Bowdon near Altrincham.  Its forte is live jazz, but liberally interpreted to bring in Rock or R&B or anything else if the bands are good and the audience wants them.  It is also a first class venue for parties, receptions and dances with a fine sprung floor and two large and flexible rooms that can be adjusted to get just the right level of intimacy or atmosphere.  We know because we’ve held three family events there and always had a wonderful time.


The impact of the Cinnamon Club has been life changing.  It has expanded our horizons, intensified our love of music and dancing, and brought us a whole new raft of marvellous friends.  We have been members for the whole ten years of the club’s existence and have never regretted a moment of it or a pound spent.


It is very important to support live music, and the Cinnamon Club is one of the premier venues in the North West and arguably the one best liked by musicians because of the quality of the staff and facilities and the attentiveness and enthusiasm of the audience.  I can promise from long firsthand experience that, if you give it a go, you won’t regret it.  You can get information from or visit

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