In the none too distant future (provisionally 15 April 2013) , my novel TANGO IN MADEIRA will be published by Marble City Publishing [http://www.marblecitypublishing.com], who will also be re-issuing various previously published books from my backlist.  Marble City is a new venture for Mark Turner, an accomplished Irish writer under the pen-name Ruby Barnes, whose novels, PERIL and THE BAPTIST are highly recommended.  Incidentally he also penned THE NEW AUTHOR, which is a practical and attractively written guide for anyone with aspirations in this business.  The focus of Marble City’s list will be quality crime fiction and its primary format will be e-books.

The last dozen years have seen an upheaval in the field of producing and selling books.  The economics of writing, production, publishing and retailing have been overturned by technology, and wholly new elements such as viral marketing have been introduced.  What evolutionary biologists would call the “equilibrium state” between the various parts under this new dispensation has not yet been determined: i.e. we don’t know who is going to survive or how the players will stand in relation to each other.

Marble City has to be seen in this context as a non-traditional publishing venture, driven by someone with IT and networking skills, enthusiasm, drive and savvy.  It faces up to the new world and deserves to succeed.




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