How To Be A Charlatan

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Dr. Jim Williams FIAC

ISBN 978-07552-1098-5

“Any book that tells the reader how to kill other people without feeling bad about it is appalling and immoral. How wonderful!”
Nick Webb, author of The Dictionary of Bullshit


The world is full of charlatans imposing their phoney theories and ineffective nostrums on the rest of us, and no one is immune to their charms. Unless, of course, we join their ranks. How To Be A Charlatan Cover

HOW TO BE A CHARLATAN AND MAKE MILLIONS explains the charlatan’s world in ten easy lessons. It explores their psychology and that of their followers, the market for their product and the techniques of selling it, as well as providing practical guidance as to how you too may set about abusing the trust of other people for your own benefit. Each lesson comes with tables containing handy tips on matters such as how to stay ahead of the police and not get murdered, and the arguments are illustrated with examples from history’s great charlatans.

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